Kourosh Moradi

Kourosh Moradi Credits: Tanbur, Daf





Kourosh Moradi was born in Guran, not far from Kermanshah, Iran in 1981. He started studying tanbur at the early age of three with his father, legendary tanbur master, Ali Akbar Moradi. He also studied daf with master Sufis of the Yarsan order and tombak with Master Hamid Moghadam. He toured the world with his father and other Kurdish and Persian master musicians such as Hossein Omoumi, Madjid Derakhshani and Pejman Hadadi. He has performed in highly acclaimed spaces including Roudaki Hall of Tehran, Queen Elizabeth Hall, Royal Festival Hall, and St. Johns Smith Square of London, Kings College of Cambridge, Pouya Cultural Center of Paris, Broadway Theater of New York, University of California at Irvine, and Chicago Town Hall. He has also played at numerous festivals worldwide including, XIII Cantigas do Maio of Portugal, Echoes from Eternity (2002), Intimations of Immortality with Robert Bly (2002) and Rhythm Sticks (2004) of London, World Music Festival (2004) of New York, Mehregan (2004) of Orange County, and World Festival of Sacred Music (2004) Los Angeles with Mamak Khadem. Kourosh Moradi taught in Tehran at the Yarsan School of Music for three years, he then moved to London for four years where he continued his instruction and in the interim taught for three months at the Pouya Cultural Center of Paris. Presently, he is living in Southern California where he teaches tanbur, daf and tombak in both Los Angeles and Orange Counties.